Moving Indoor Activities Outside



Spring has sprung, and warm weather invites many people to put cold weather behind them. Nature is in bloom again, providing lush lawns, newly budding flowers, and other greenery. Months of being cooped up due to the cold weather and the pandemic have deprived many young people of fresh air and activities. Going outside and taking in the spring air can feel like a fresh start. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered many everyday activities for a year now, hope springs eternal. The advent of vaccines and the gradual reopening of society are in progress now. While all activities have not returned to normal, there are ways to transfer some indoor activities outside. Adapting our indoor activities to the outdoors allows people to enjoy the warmer weather and feel more involved in the world.

Practice Centering Yourself Outside

Many young people enjoy practicing yoga. This ancient activity can help improve physical strength and center one’s mind. While cold weather forces people to engage in yoga indoors, spring allows for a location change. Find a spot in your yard or a quiet neighborhood area to lay down your mat. Parks and other areas with beautiful scenery are also an excellent option. 

For those who benefit from meditating, consider finding a new favorite outside spot for this activity. Like yoga, you may find a quiet area in your yard or a nearby outdoor area. Noisy places are typically not conducive to meditation. Look for locations and times of day that provide limits to outside noises. Using earbuds to play classical music or white noise can help drown out distracting sounds. 

Forgo Gym Equipment for the “Real Deal”

When gym equipment such as stationary bikes and treadmills came along, many heralded them as a great convenience. While they do provide the ability to work out without leaving your home or worrying about bad weather, they also deprive you of something. Walking, jogging, and bike riding in the great outdoors allows for fresh air and taking in visually stimulating sights. 

While social distancing still limits you to a certain degree, wearing a mask and maintaining proper distance means you can still get in a good workout outside your home. Being around other people is a bonus, especially if a person is prone to isolation. Look for parks, neighborhoods with sidewalks, and places with bike paths. Getting in some sunlight while getting out of the house increases the benefits of your exercise routine.

Move Your Indoor Hobbies Outdoors

Most people think of common hobbies as indoor or sedentary activities. Try shaking things up and move your favorite pastime outside. Grab a comfortable chair and any needed accessories and move outdoors to:


  • Knit, crochet, or do cross stitch
  • Paint or draw
  • Enjoy creative writing either with pen and paper or on a laptop
  • Surf the web for recipes and plan meals for the week
  • Write in your journal
  • Take a series of photographs
  • Catch up with friends on the phone


Volunteer Your Time Outdoors

Helping others through volunteer work is good for the soul. For those in recovery from addiction, it can benefit your self-esteem and help keep you busy. Consider volunteer work that involves the great outdoors, such as walking dogs at an animal shelter. Many parks departments need help cleaning up litter and improving their outdoor areas. Helping build a playground for underserved children gives an opportunity to soak up some sun while doing a good deed. 

Volunteer work doesn’t have to take place via an organized group. Ask around to see if an elderly neighbor might appreciate someone planting a flower bed for them to enjoy. A local children’s sports team might need a coach or someone to hand out snacks and emotional support after a game. Ask your family and friends for thoughts on giving back to your community in ways that get you out of the house.

Plan Social Events That Don’t Involve Technology

While keeping up with your friends via text and video chat programs has proven valuable, many people are suffering from “Zoom burnout.” Even if it’s not yet recommended to gather in large groups, consider ways to see your friends in person while still being safe. Set up socially distanced chairs in your yard or other common areas near your home. You can sit close enough to each other to have conversations this way. Tell everyone to bring their own beverages or snacks. Enjoy the fun of catching up without the use of a computer or smartphone.

When spring rolls around every year, people are excited to get back outside again. The coronavirus has limited people regarding where they can go and how they can enjoy outdoor activities. You can still enjoy the arrival of warm weather. Taking hobbies and exercise routines outside of the home can give you a fresh perspective. Many outdoor volunteer activities may be available in your community. As social distancing becomes less rigid, more opportunities to socialize outdoors open up. Sustain Recovery understands the hardship that the pandemic has visited on society. We are committed to helping young people dealing with addiction and mental health issues embrace recovery in an ever-changing world. Our long-term programs help our clients assimilate into a recovery routine and prepare to rejoin their families. We provide therapeutic support and schooling. Call our Southern California campus today to find out how we can help you rejoin the world! (949) 407-9052.