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what is intensive outpatient care?

Sustain Recovery’s intensive outpatient program provides education and treatment services for adolescents whose medical needs don’t necessitate full residential care or partial hospitalization. This special level of care allows teenagers to stay in therapy during the day but return home at night and take charge of their own schedule. 

Whether your adolescent is transitioning down from a more intensive level of care or just beginning their recovery journey, IOP provides the opportunity for them to heal with the personal agency and ability to make their own decisions that are pertinent to sustainable recovery for life.

what does sustain's intensive outpatient program include?

Our Intensive Outpatient Program not only offers continued care and education to help adolescents take control of maladaptive behaviors – it also provides a safe place for them to develop new skills to create new habits that turn into lifelong changes. 

The hours of IOP allow adolescents who wish to continue their regular schooling to do so without schedule overlap. 

Our interdisciplinary team of Masters-level clinicians, physicians, psychiatrists, counselors, and more offer multiple treatment modalities in our outpatient settings, including but not limited to:

Individual and group
Enhancement and
engagement strategies
Dialectical behavior
therapy (DBT)
Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

For an in-depth look at what your adolescent might experience in Sustain Recovery’s Intensive Outpatient Program, visit our sample schedule. 


who is intensive outpatient care right for?

Intensive Outpatient Care falls below Residential Care and Partial Hospitalization on Sustain Recovery’s continuum of care, for boys and girls who don't require the full-time structural support of residential treatment or intensive partial hospitalization. 

Intensive outpatient care may be right for:

  • Adolescents who have graduated from the need for residential or partial hospitalization
  • Adolescents who are coming to Sustain after a treatment program somewhere else
  • Adolescents who are ready to practice their recovery on their own but might benefit from continued monitoring and support
  • Adolescents who are starting their recovery journey in a secure and supportive home environment 

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our continuum of care

At Sustain, our promise is to treat your family in every step of your journey. No matter what help your child needs, we have a level of care for them to begin their journey to recovery – and then we have extended care to keep them focused on recovery as they take their first steps into their new life. Our programs are created with the intention to make every transition with every adolescent, so neither they or you ever have to wonder what will come next.

take the journey to beyond better with sustain

Our levels of treatment for every adolescent are like no other – because we know your child is like no other. Let us help you find the path to a new life, beyond better.