mental health partial hospitalization for adolescents

What does Sustain’s Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program include?

Like our other partial hospitalization programs, mental health specific partial hospitalization is the opportunity for your adolescent to participate in full-time treatment while still living at home. We provide comprehensive, all-day clinical support that includes on-site education, psychiatrist services and medication management, and a variety of therapies customized to meet your child’s personal needs.

mental health outpatient treatment

evidence-based treatment for effective change

Families often feel helpless to care for or assist adolescents in mental health crisis – and adolescents struggle to become well when they feel misunderstood or don’t know where to look for help. Partial hospitalization can give your child the experiences and knowledge that leads them out of the dark. 

We know that permanent transformation and healing takes more than just teaching an adolescent how to manage their obstacles. Our mental health specific track of treatment utilizes a variety of diverse therapeutic modalities to make sure every individual not only escapes their suffering but also has the tools, emotional awareness, and investment to succeed in lasting recovery. Each child’s individualized treatment plan gives them personal buy-in and skills to re-engage with the world in healthy and fulfilling ways.

Some of the holistic and recreational therapies that Sustain provides to help adolescents find their personal path of growth and healing include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Experiential Therapy
Group Therapy
Individual Counseling
Life Skills Training
Music Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Trauma Therapy
And More

This program is appropriate for adolescents who need help with a variety of mental health issues, including:

  • Anger 


    Bipolar Disorder


    Disordered Eating

    Mood Disorders

  • OCD

    Panic Disorder


    Social Anxiety Disorder


    And More

superior clinical care

Not every mental health issue can be resolved holistically. Hormones, chemical imbalances, genetic factors and more can all affect a young person’s ability to escape their personal struggle. All adolescents who come to Sustain are evaluated by medical doctors and psychiatrists to determine if they would benefit from medication as part of their individual treatment plan. In the mental health partial hospitalization program, boys and girls have a weekly session with their appointed psychiatrist and our staff handles all medication management on-site so families have one less thing to worry about at home.


trauma-informed treatment

Mental health challenges are often an aftereffect of something that changed the way an adolescent engages with the world. Your child doesn’t necessarily need to have experienced a major event like violence or a death to be affected by trauma – their ability to cope or manage their thoughts can be influenced by anything that causes emotional damage. Trauma-informed care takes into account why your child is struggling, not just how to change their behavior or make them feel better, so they have the tools to handle anything in their future with healthy habits.

support your whole family

Like every treatment program on the Sustain continuum of care, mental health partial hospitalization includes extensive family involvement and support. Every adolescent’s customized treatment program includes one hour a week of scheduled family group therapy, and further parent coaching is available to make sure every family has the tools they need when a child is ready to transition out of Sustain’s care.

daily schedule

View or download an example of what a day in Sustain’s mental health partial hospitalization program includes:

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