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Our Trauma-Informed Dual-Diagnosis Approach

Whether facing peer pressure, low self-esteem, or a mental disorder, adolescents far too often turn to substance use to cope. In one study of adolescents receiving mental health treatment, for example, more than 40% were found to also have a substance abuse issue. No parent ever expects their child to fall victim to addiction, but the reality is that no child is immune: The most recent government statistics suggest that one in three high school seniors used an illicit drug in the last year and in any given year, another study found, 8% would meet the criteria for substance use disorder. Only a small percentage of them will ever receive treatment, but a different path is possible.


who needs substance use treatment?

Is there ever such a thing as “normal teen experimentation,” “dabbling,” or “kids being kids”? In a substance use landscape that now includes fentanyl, it’s not worth gambling with your child’s life. Now more than ever, fentanyl is laced into other drugs like prescription pills or even marijuana, causing unintentional overdose and death among even the most casual drug users. The reality is, if your child is using substances, they are at risk: for unintentional fentanyl overdose, as well as other mental and behavioral problems down the road. It’s never too early to have the conversation about getting help. Contact our admissions team to share your story and learn how we can help.

what is dual-diagnosis addiction treatment?

Widespread research shows that adolescents who use illicit substances often have mental health challenges at the root. It’s impossible to treat mental disorders successfully, however, if substance use is still in the mix. That includes substances like nicotine or vapes. Ceasing substance use and giving your child a chance at healing can lead to lasting transformation. Explore our dual diagnosis treatment for adolescents at the link.

dual diagnosis therapy adolescents

adolescent treatment modalities

Every adolescent’s substance use and mental health treatment plan is built to address their own needs, goals, and abilities. Our staff members are all trained in a variety of evidence-based modalities, including:

  • Art Therapy
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Counseling
  • Life Skills Training
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Occupational Therapy
  • PTSD Therapy
  • Recovery Management
  • Relapse Prevention Education
  • Trauma Therapy
  • And More

therapy for adolescents

In residential treatment, healing can happen 24/7. Our team members support our girls and boys as they integrate their clinical work into daily life at our gender-specific homes. Ongoing therapeutic processes further foster growth and healing, including:

Family Therapy
Group Therapy
Individual Therapy
Process Groups
Service Work
And More

educational programs for teens

A core element of our strategy in treating adolescents is to create “buy-in” — a passion for their own recovery. We expose them to a variety of ways forward, working with them to build one that will take them beyond better. Psychoeducational programming helps our community learn about topics they may want to incorporate into their lives after treatment, including:

  • Communication Skills
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Goal Setting
  • Learning Styles & Academic Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Social Skills Development
  • And More

family therapy

Recovery isn’t just about getting back to where you used to be. It’s about going beyond better. Our comprehensive family program helps each adolescent boy’s loved ones to find that path — and begin building it.

Learn more about our Family Program below.

welcome home

Our gender-specific homes in beautiful Orange County are a haven from the storm and a safe place to heal. Plus, we’re licensed by the State of California Department of Health Care Services, so families can feel confident with the knowledge that their children are finally safe and sound.

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adolescent substance use

No matter the extent of their habit, teens using any of the following substances can find healing at Sustain Recovery:




Crystal Meth









Other Prescription Pills

And More


mental health treatment

Many adolescents use drugs and alcohol as a way to self-medicate larger issues. Our team is adept at identifying and treating:

Bipolar Disorder
Disordered Eating
Mood Disorders
Panic Disorder
Social Anxiety Disorder
And More

Learn more about our mental health treatment at the link.

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