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For Adolescent Boys & Girls in Orange County

It seems to happen in a flash for many parents: One minute your adolescent is the happy child you remember them being and then without a moment’s warning or any signs of danger, they’re struggling with mental health issues and experimenting with or using substances. You don’t know how to get them help, because you don’t know which problem came first. Dual diagnosis helps untangle situations like these, so your child can get the help they need.

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what is dual-diagnosis treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment is therapy based on the understanding that mental health problems and substance use issues are simultaneous and cyclical. They both exacerbate each other, no matter which came first or why they began.

how does dual-diagnosis treatment work?

We treat adolescents that are struggling with mental health issues and substance use with dual diagnosis therapy because it addresses every issue holistically — from the inside out — and helps them truly heal and find a new path instead of just learning to hide or stop some symptoms. Dual diagnosis treatment gives adolescents tools to cope with all of their problems instead of turning to find comfort in “solutions” that are going to create bigger problems down the road.

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will dual-diagnosis treatment help my child?

If your adolescent is struggling with mental health issues and substance use issues at the same time and both seem to make the other one worse, dual diagnosis treatment is the right path for them.

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Dual diagnosis treatment aims to help adolescents with both their mental health struggle and substance use at once – but we know it’s not always as easy as naming one mental health issue that’s causing them pain. At Sustain Recovery, we treat all mental health struggles within our dual diagnosis process, because there’s no limit to the holistic healing that brings about real change in your child’s life. 

Dual diagnosis care is appropriate for adolescents struggling with a variety of disorders, including:

Bipolar Disorder
Compulsive Behavior
Disordered Eating
Mood Disorders
And More

substance use may include any of the following:

  • Adderall 






  • Heroin 



    Prescription Pills


    And More

what is trauma-informed care?

You know your adolescent is a good kid. You know they are valuable, loving, intelligent, and kind – even when it may not seem that way when they’re lost behind the wall of mental health and substance use struggles. We know that too. That’s why we approach every client at Sustain Recovery with the knowledge that there is a reason that they’ve had the problems they need to address – and that we can provide the solution. It’s never “what’s wrong with you?” It’s “why are you suffering and how can we help?”

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It can be hard to understand what your adolescent is struggling with when their symptoms have made them withdrawn, closed off, or dishonest. At Sustain Recovery, every incoming client receives psychiatric analysis and bio-psycho-social assessments that can help you make the right decisions about treatment for your family, and help guide your loved one to the right new path for them.

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