paying for adolescent treatment

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When your child is suffering, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get them help – but all too often, unexpected expenses and financial limitations become an obstacle to families when it’s time to choose the treatment that meets their needs. Sustain Recovery is proud to relieve the burden of costs and make sure that every family can access the care they need by accepting most major insurances throughout our care continuum and offering a variety of private pay options.


will my insurance cover my adolescent's treatment?

Most adolescents and young adults qualify for coverage under their parent or guardian’s insurance plan and will be eligible to have part or all of their treatment costs at Sustain covered. 

Treatment costs at Sustain depends on a myriad of factors, including but not limited to:

Your child’s clinical diagnosis
Which level of care in the Sustain continuum meets their needs
The recommended length of their treatment
Specialized services they require or non-standard care needs

The percentage of the total that your insurance provider agrees to cover may depend on what type of plan your family has, whether the provider is in-network with Sustain, and more.

sustain's in-network insurance providers

We work with most major insurance providers to cover the costs of the treatment program that works for your family.

















not in-network? that's OK

If your insurance company is not in Sustain’s network, it may still be possible to use your coverage for your adolescent’s treatment. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Point-of-Service (POS) plans both allow you to choose healthcare providers out of your network and maintain coverage. In cases where someone’s insurance policy is out of network and doesn’t usually allow for providers out of network, we may be able to negotiate a special contract called a Single Case Agreement, in which your insurance provider agrees to provide coverage specifically for treatment at Sustain.

how much will it cost?

Your family’s out-of-pocket costs will depend on the terms of your coverage, including:

Your Copay

The fixed amount that your plan requires you pay for particular services

Your Plan

The yearly or monthly premium you pay to maintain coverage

Your Deductible

The annual amount you’ve agreed to pay for your care before your costs are covered by your plan

Your Coverage Amount

The overall amount that your insurance policy is willing to cover for treatment

Your Maximum Out-of-Pocket

The limit that your insurance provider will make you pay out-of-pocket before taking over all covered expenses 

You Provider’s Allowed Amount

The maximum daily rate that your insurance provider deems your treatment worth paying

We understand that the last thing parents need when they’re juggling the confusion, fear, and worry of their child suffering is more paperwork and number crunching. As a service to the families we serve, the Sustain team is more than happy to work directly with your insurance provider to verify your benefits. 

Your completed verification will outline the coverage provided by your plan and clarify the costs of your contributions.


verify your benefits

Read more about the process and what to expect, or submit your information online so our team of experts can get started now.

our private pay promise

Every family that seeks treatment to change their future deserves superior quality care, empathetic assistance, and equal opportunity to choose a program that fits their unique story – regardless of their insurance status. For that reason, Sustain maintains some of the most reasonable private pay rates in the country. All of our private pay options work on a sliding scale designed to provide the help you need with the resources you have. Questions about what that means for your family? Our team is on your side and on hand to tell you more.

everything else

Our team is on-hand to provide beyond better help 24/7, via phone or chat. No question is too big or too small.