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Adolescents in our gender-specific residential homes across Sustain’s spectrum of extended care experience a variety of experiences and therapy modalities daily, delivered by our Masters-level clinicians and super care experts.

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Experience what a day might look like for an adolescent in our girls’ community:

co-occuring treatment for soul-deep healing

Adolescents today experience stress and pressure at unprecedented rates – whether it’s from school, social media, friend groups, or just societal norms. We know that getting truly well and transforming the life of a child who’s adopted maladaptive behaviors to cope means giving them the tools to handle ALL of their struggles. That’s why we use a combination of 12-step programs and holistic healing to treat anxiety, depression, disordered eating, and much more from the root as well as any experimentation with substance use.

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Our adolescent programming isn’t just therapy – we aim to provide adolescents with psychoeducation that covers the whole spectrum of a fulfilling and successful life. That means concentrating on life skills like communication, nutrition and fitness, goal-setting, and more – plus succeeding in continuing traditional education. Sustain offers in house classes, tutoring, and more to accommodate every child’s educational needs throughout their process of healing.

healing together

A positive, loving, and caring environment with a community to lean on is the foundation of Sustain’s mission to bring families beyond better care for their adolescents. Our licensed, gender-specific residential housing gives every child a place to truly call home away from home throughout their time on the pathway to healing. 

Take the tour of The Villa:

what does beyond better mean for your family?

No family has to go it alone. Start the journey to beyond better with Sustain on your team today and find out how much change we can create in your child’s life together.