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Sustain Recovery is proud to be in network with most major insurances. Each plan is different, but all or part of your adolescent’s treatment may be covered, depending on the nature of your plan. You can always learn more by contacting your insurance company directly. However, as a service to the families we serve, Sustain offers free Verification of Benefits.

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what is a verification of benefits, or VOB?

A verification of benefits is a statement provided from your insurance provider that outlines the coverage provided by your plan. It includes your deductible, copays, and out-of-pocket maximum, as well as any restrictions on coverage for particular treatments.

why do I need a VOB for my adolescent's treatment?

You don’t need to have a VOB in order to proceed with your child’s admission if you are paying out of pocket. However, a VOB is the only way to determine your family’s insurance contribution — and your own financial responsibility — up front.

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why does sustain recovery process the VOB for treatment?

We offer VOBs as a service in order to give families the financial information they need to make a confident, informed decision about programs for their adolescent. When you supply your insurance information below, our expert team will communicate with the insurance company directly to learn exactly what your plan will cover for treatment at Sustain specifically. Then, we’ll meet with you to go over the financial picture and provide you with a roadmap and resources to move forward.

more questions about paying for treatment?

Contact our team at the link or send a chat to learn more about insurance coverage, paying for treatment, and Sustain Recovery programs.