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Adolescent Treatment in Orange County
We know that you have options when it comes to your child’s treatment — because we’ve been there. Sustain Recovery was founded with the firsthand knowledge of what adolescent treatment is available and what is missing. We believe we’ve created a unique and powerful program to fill in the gaps and help families grow beyond better. This is how we’re different.

extended care for adolescents

Longer treatment works. Indeed, treatment stays of 60 to 90 days have been shown to have significantly improved outcomes. Our continuum of care was built in recognition of the fact that adolescents and their families need support throughout the entire journey of early recovery. From primary residential treatment to outpatient programs and extended care, we can meet your family where you’re at and give you the tools to thrive. Whether your child has already completed primary residential treatment or they’re just starting their recovery journey, we can help.

the sustain mission

Each client will have their own goals based on their own challenges and needs. However, the overall structure of our program is oriented to achieve the Sustain Recovery mission:

  • Incorporate gender-specific treatment that addresses the distinct differences and living needs of adolescent males and females.
  • Provide highly individualized treatment plans designed by multi-disciplinary, adolescent, addiction and mental health treatment specialists.
  • A commitment to treat addiction, mental health, and wellbeing as a family disease, emphasizing the importance of the family’s involvement in the transition from treatment back into society.
  • Endorse the Principles of the Twelve Step Program while providing medical and educational components essential to recovery.
  • Provide the ideal environment for adolescents to begin their recovery in a serene, safe, and structured environment.

gender-specific communities

Adolescent boys and girls are drastically different, with very different needs — but both groups deserve recovery. We built our adolescent treatment program to provide resources for both boys and girls in separate gender-specific homes in beautiful Orange County. Tour our homes:

the manor:

the villa:

recovery treatment help OC

licensed housing with 24/7 care

Sustain Recovery is proud to be licensed by the Department of Health Care Services in California to provide recovery supportive housing to adolescent boys and girls. In addition, we maintain a low client-to-staff ratio of one to three, and have 24/7 staffing on site at all times. That means that any hour of the day, a caring team member is standing by — and awake! — ready to support your child as needed.

12 step

For nearly one hundred years, 12 Step fellowships have helped people find recovery. We are proud to introduce our boys and girls to these fellowships of healing. Orange County is home to hundreds of young people in recovery, and our clients can witness life in recovery firsthand even before leaving treatment.


Building a life in recovery requires a variety of tools. Not only do we provide adolescents in our care with clinical programming and 12 Step immersion; but also, we offer robust educational programming and life skills training as well.


When you call Sustain Recovery, you’re sometimes just as likely to speak to one of our owners as an admissions rep — and everyone you speak to will be right here in Orange County. From top to bottom, our entire team is deeply dedicated to the work we do, and committed to doing whatever it takes to help families find the right solution for them.

treatment that's beyond better

Does Sustain Recovery sound like a fit for you and your family? Reach out and let us know how we can help. We’ll listen to your story and work with you to find a path forward — even if it’s not with Sustain. Start now.