adolescent intensive outpatient program schedule

IOP for Boys & Girls in Orange County, CA

The adolescent intensive outpatient program at Sustain Recovery offers a comprehensive, structured system to support boys and girls in recovery from substance use and mental health challenges. Review our sample schedule below, and learn more about our IOP at the link.

OC rehab adolescent

adolescent IOP schedule

what is psychoeducation for adolescents?

Psychoeducation goes beyond simple education. Rather, it is a therapeutic method that helps adolescents understand their substance use and mental health disorders as the diseases they are. We introduce the disease model of addiction and explore mental illnesses, setting the stage for discussion of recovery modalities. True healing begins with understanding, and psychoeducation is the key to that process.

adolescent life skills in IOP

Sustain Recovery offers comprehensive life skills training to help adolescent boys and girls build the foundation of a successful life. Topics may include:

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Budgeting
  • Time Management
  • Medication Management
  • Medical & Therapy Appointment Facilitation
  • Resume Building
  • Job Searches
  • Cooking
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Daily Chore Management
  • And More
orange county rehab adolescent

12 step recovery for adolescents

Sustain Recovery is committed to offering 12 Step recovery to our clients in an age-appropriate manner. We guide them through an introduction to the vibrant youth recovery community of Orange County and encourage the development of healthy relationships that will sustain their recovery for years to come.

community meetings & process groups

Far too many adolescents have struggled in isolation with their substance use or mental health challenges. Even when surrounded by the most supportive of families, that battle can be a lonely one. No one recovers alone. At Sustain Recovery intensive outpatient program in Irvine, CA, community meetings and process groups allow clients to build trusting relationships with peers in recovery — realizing that they are not alone and never will be again.

go beyond better

Sustain Recovery is proud to offer an extended continuum of care that supports adolescent boys and girls and their families through every stage of long-term recovery. Start your family’s journey today.