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For Families of Adolescent Girls & Boys

All a parent ever wants is for their child to grow up happy and healthy. Watching them slide down a dark path instead is overwhelming, shocking, and heartbreaking. No amount of education or experience can prepare a parent for it, and it’s hard to know where to turn. Sustain Recovery was founded to be that resource that can help adolescent girls and boys who are heading in the wrong direction to reverse course. At the same time, we can help families heal and get on a new path — a path toward happiness, health, and recovery. A path to a place that’s beyond better.

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family treatment at sustain recovery

Sending a child to adolescent treatment comes with its own unique challenges. They may be leaving home for the first time, living on their own far from those they love as their family attempts to regroup and pick up the pieces. Our team on site is equipped to help the adolescents and teens in our care navigate this process, and our robust family support helps their loved ones at home to regain their footing and find a new way forward. Each adolescent client at Sustain Recovery is assigned a primary individual therapist to ensure that this important work is given the attention it deserves. Parents, siblings, and other family members also work with our team, fostering healing and transformation on all sides.

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When a child enters treatment, even the strongest families are shattered. Family therapy works to put the pieces back together, while avoiding any new breaks. We restore broken or wounded family bonds through a robust attachment-based model and help build new ones through therapy along with educational information and additional resources for healing.

Our family program includes access to parent support coaching, and a parent contact liaison both of which will become invaluable resources for the long run.

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what to expect from family work

Family therapy is an essential element of your child’s recovery. In order for them to heal — and to live in recovery long-term — the entire family must heal as well. Our entire culture is focused on an environment of support, not shame or blame. We approach each family system with the understanding that everyone involved is hurting and deserves the tools they need to heal. Relational modalities address the roles of each individual in the family system, offering guidance and support that is customized to each individual's needs.

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Have more questions about adolescent treatment and our program? Visit our Parent Resources page for more information and useful tips.

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Lead your family into a new and better future with Sustain Recovery. Contact us to learn more about how you and your loved ones can heal.