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what is partial hospitalization care?

Partial Hospitalization is the second most intensive program in the Sustain continuum of care. PHP is available as a step down from previous residential treatment (at Sustain or elsewhere) or as a stand-alone program for adolescents who would benefit from full time treatment but don’t require the structure of a full inpatient setting. This in-depth level of care provides a comprehensive treatment program that builds and strengthens a complete foundation of recovery for every adolescent and their family.

what does sustain's partial hospitalization program include?

Like our other outpatient programs, partial hospitalization care provides every adolescent in our care with a personalized schedule of behavior education, psychoeducation, experiential learning, therapies, and time to practice the skills that their recovery journey has given them so far on their own. 

Our partial hospitalization care also includes the ability for your child to continue their education without interruption in Sustain’s educational program.

For an in-depth look at what your child might experience in Sustain Recovery’s Partial Hospitalization Program, visit our sample schedule.

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who is partial hospitalization right for?

  • Adolescents who require consistent care and monitoring but aren’t benefiting from further residential treatment

  • Adolescents whose care needs don't necessitate beginning their treatment journey with a full residential care program

  • Adolescents who have or may relapse without the structure of an intense extended care program

  • Adolescents who don’t have other support systems in their life
  • Adolescents who have graduated from inpatient care but still struggle with underlying issues
  • Adolescents who have successfully transitioned out of inpatient care but need more help building the skills that will make them successful in recovery

finding the right fit together

Our Masters-level clinicians, physicians, psychiatrists, counselors, and countless other mental health professionals are a full time team for your child and your family. We know that you don’t have all the answers and that you may not be certain what level of care your adolescent needs. We’re here to work with you every step of the way – not only to make sure your child finds the right level of care to join us at Sustain, but also throughout their time here, so you know their personalized experience continues to meet their needs and abilities day by day, all the way through recovery.

a community of care

All levels of Sustain’s adolescent care programs live in the same community – and that’s by design. We know that adolescents who achieve new things alongside others, build real and meaningful relationships, and form accountability and hope with others just like them are far more likely to carry what they’ve learned back into the real world. Our community is key to our mission, and key to you getting your child back beyond better.

a sustainable foundation for a whole new life

Giving your adolescent the tools to change their life is giving them the building blocks for a life of fulfillment, happiness, and success. What’s stopping you from getting them the help they need to get there today? Reach out now.