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what is outpatient care for adolescents?

Sustain Recovery’s outpatient programs (IOP and PHP) are an extended care option for families that deliver care to adolescents through our community office each week. The program is considered Level 1 on the Sustain Recovery continuum of care – the least intensive, for adolescents who are in the early stages of change as a “step down” from more intensive services or for adolescents who are stable and for whom ongoing monitoring or disease management is appropriate.

what does outpatient care include?

Our outpatient program at Sustain Recovery has the same general mission and goal as our residential program: We aim to put your child’s unique needs first and give them the tools to continue achieving changes in substance use and addictive behaviors, and to continue to address issues that have the potential to undermine their ability to cope with life tasks without substances. 

We achieve that in our outpatient program with the same customized treatment plans we build for every adolescent in our care –  just on a scaled-down basis that gives them the agency to continue to utilize their new tools in the real world, practice new healthy living skills with a safety net, and build upon the foundation of healing they’ve already undergone on the path to lifelong, sustainable recovery.

Some of the evidence-based treatment modalities we use in our outpatient program may be:

Individual & group counseling
Motivational enhancement
Family therapy
Educational groups
Occupational & recreational therapy
And other skilled treatment services

who is outpatient care right for?

Our outpatient program can be beneficial to any adolescent’s life, but may be particularly beneficial to these groups:

  • Adolescents who have a stable home environment and other professional support outside of Sustain
  • Adolescents who are in recovery and just need continued support
  • Adolescents who are ready for a step down from intensive or residential care
  • Adolescents who would benefit from guidance but don’t need full time care or monitoring
  • Adolescents who are stable but would benefit from continued monitoring or disease management

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who provides outpatient care?

Our outpatient program is delivered to your child by the same superior care staff that guide every level of the Sustain Recovery continuum of care. Depending on your adolescent’s particular needs, their outpatient treatment program may include care from our physicians, psychiatrists, LMFT therapists, or CADCA recovery counselors.

a new start, beyond better

It’s not too late for your family to build a new foundation. Give your adolescent the tools to heal – and live a life of recovery, beyond better. Reach out today to continue the journey.