Long Term Damage to Teens from Pornography Addiction

teens porn addiction

Pornography addiction affects teens and can inflict long term damage. With the availability of material online being freely available and peer pressure to view it, too many teens fall prey. Learning to be aware of the damage caused by porn to teens can help parents and the community understand what is at stake for young people.

Porn Exposure

High-speed internet and online use by teens increasing shows teens having greater than ever access to pornography. Magazines are no longer the only way to view pornographic material, it can be looked at on phones, tablets, computers, billboards, social media and much more at the touch of a button (often for free). Addiction to porn may seem unlikely but it does happen and can happen to any teen anywhere. Teens are vulnerable to addiction and lasting psychological damage due to overexposure as brains are still developing and can be skewed by teen porn addiction.

Lasting Harm

Teens with so much exposure have tainted the earliest sexual experiences. Instead of learning about sexuality in real life, it seems teens are gleaning it from the screen and fantasy world presented by porn. It provides young people a distorted idea of what sex, intimacy and love are really like in real-world relationships. Problems can arise as teens become adults from starting it at such a young age. The way in which teens view modern pornography is more damaging than in the past as it is available instantly online. It is more isolating and can lead to obsession and addiction. The intensity of most online porn leads to addiction more readily than old-fashioned print or video materials. Teen girls are also susceptible.

Addiction Programs

Addiction programs can provide teens a way to get help and repair damage done by pornographic materials. It may be tough for people with addiction to ask for help but a teen who is hooked on porn can find it embarrassing. Parents must be responsible for monitoring teen’s online activities and speaking up when there may be a problem arising. Getting help is essential early on in the process to provide teens a safe space to grow and learn about sexuality in a healthy way. Giving teens a new lease on life and the opportunity to develop healthy adult relationships is important and essential for positive development of social emotional connections.


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