New You Resolutions vs. New Years Resolutions


While New Years Resolutions are popular, they often prove to be fleeting and short-lived. People are taught that they must vow to make a change or accomplish something, such as weight loss or making better financial choices each new year. Often the goal is too broad, like the decision to find love. Other times, while the goal may be realistic, it relies on the person having boundless enthusiasm and willpower for weeks or months on end in order to accomplish it. Once a person hits a wall and is no longer enthused, it becomes easy to walk away and forget the resolution. Before they know it, another year has passed without them being able to check a particular item off their To-Do list, and the cycle begins again.

Consider chucking the New Years Resolutions and invest in a set of New You Resolutions. The most significant benefit is that they aren’t just for January 1.  A person can decide on a new route they’d like to take or a new attitude they’d like to develop, regardless of the time of year. It also removes the temptation to put off making a decision or beginning progress because they are waiting for the ‘right time,’ i.e., the first day of the new year. The reality is that every single day is another chance to turn it all around, regardless of what day the calendar shows. 

Getting Started on Your New You Resolutions

Carve out a space of quiet time in your day and devote it to coming up with the resolutions you’d like to accomplish. Start by asking yourself to determine your goals and why they are important to you. Then break down each resolution into small steps to take to get there. This allows you to mark off the progress you make along the way and feel a sense of forward movement. It also increases the likelihood of achieving each goal.

The Two Types of Resolutions

The first type of New You Resolutions relates to goals that require mostly physical work. These types of resolutions have specific, measurable goals, such as getting a new job, moving, or learning a new skill. They allow for steps that are fairly easy to list. For example, let’s say you want to add regular exercise to your life. Break that down into easily digestible tasks, like talking to your doctor about recommendations suited for your abilities, researching gym options in your area, and determining if you want to focus on something specific like classes, outdoor activities, or weight training. Write each step down and mark it off as you accomplish it. 

The other type of resolution deals more with emotions and ways of approaching life. These types of goals can prove a little more challenging to work towards because they are not as tangible. Let’s say your resolution is about changing your attitude. Start by thinking about how you see yourself now and how you envision yourself as a changed person. If your goal is to be more positive, pinpoint ways in which you feel you are currently too negative. Do you assume the worst will always happen or do you routinely downplay the happiness of others? Make a goal of challenging these kneejerk responses as each one occurs. Reframe the negative thought or expectation to a positive one. Write down every time you successfully redirect your thought process. Taking these steps enough times will create a new habit of being positive

Be Adaptable To Change

Life often throws something in your path that requires you to switch gears or alter your plans. The same thing can happen when a person is trying to achieve a New You Resolution. Remind yourself that you may have to shuffle your list of steps or make adjustments to your expected time frame for completion as needed. Staying focused and being flexible is key to reaching your goal and not giving in to the impulse to quit before you cross the finish line. 

Spread the Word About the New You

Too often, when you desire to change up your life but keep that plan in a vacuum in your head, it makes it easy to lose focus and eventually give up. Choose a trusted confidant or two and tell them you are working on becoming a new you. Give them an overview of your resolution and some of the steps you plan to take to get there. Don’t be afraid to ask the person for help staying focused and inspired along the way. When you know someone else is in your corner and will check in to see how you are progressing, you increase your chances of completing your goals. 

Every New Years Day millions of people make resolutions to change their lives for the better but more often than not, by the time the next January 1 rolls around, their goals remain unaccomplished and long-forgotten. New You Resolutions can make all the difference because they can be started any day of the year. Learning to set a list of realistic, concrete goals that move you towards the finish line for each New You Resolution helps ensure you stay motivated with your eyes on the prize. Sustain Recovery is all about teaching adolescents how to become a better version of themselves. We utilize a long-term approach to mental health issues and substance abuse that encompasses several therapy modalities while our clients stay with us and includes a plan for success once they return home. Our Southern California location is the perfect setting for young people to learn new techniques to manage their lives and achieve success. Call us today to find out how we can help! (949) 407-9052