Adolescent Extended Care Program in Orange County


As parents, when your teen needs help, finding the right adolescent behavioral health treatment is all that matters. While a thirty day program is a great foundation for adolescent recovery, studies have shown that therapeutic length of stay is positively correlated with better outcomes. This means it is imperative that teens seeking long-term recovery utilize an effective extended care program. Extended care is any treatment environment that allows for the continuation of structure, healing, education, and accountability found in primary care. Part of that treatment is a focus on life skills. We believe equipping your child with essential life skills is a huge part of their journey to recovery.  At our Orange County program, we focus on fostering these four vital skills to help your child thrive.


1. Effective Communication Skills


Our kids are growing up in an increasingly interconnected world and the ability to communicate effectively is indispensable. Sustain Recovery places a strong emphasis on teaching teens how to effectively express their thoughts, emotions, and needs in a healthy way. We work with each individual to develop:

  • Active Listening: Learning to listen and understand others' perspectives.

  • Assertiveness: Expressing themselves confidently without being aggressive or over-bearing.

  • Conflict Resolution: Navigating disagreements constructively.

By mastering these skills, it is our hope that your child will be better equipped to build and maintain healthy relationships, both now and in the future.


2. Time Management & Organization


We find that a lot of adolescents struggle with time management. Balancing academic responsibilities, social activities, and personal interests feels impossible and stressful. To help with this we focus on:

  • Setting Realistic Goals: Understanding the importance of setting and achieving attainable objectives.

  • Prioritizing Tasks: Learning to identify and focus on high-priority activities.

  • Creating Schedules: Developing healthy and effective daily and weekly routines.

These skills not only improve academic performance but also reduce stress and anxiety, contributing to overall mental well-being.


3. Healthy Coping Mechanisms


Emotional regulation and healthy coping skills are crucial for navigating stress and adversity. We believe in teaching a variety of techniques for overcoming life’s obstacles, including:

  • Mindfulness & Meditation: Learning to stay present and manage stress.

  • Physical Activity: Utilizing regular, physical exercise as a way to regulate mood and energy levels.

  • Creative Outlets: Using art, music, and writing as forms of emotional expression.

When our kids learn to integrate these coping strategies into their daily lives, they can better manage their emotions and reduce the risk of relapse.


4. Independent Living Skills


We are working with young adults and part of that means preparing for adulthood. That requires essential independent living skills such as:

  • Financial Literacy: Learning how to create a  budgeting, manage expenses, and save for the future. 

  • Cooking & Nutrition: Understanding nutritional needs and how to plan and prepare healthy meals.

  • Self-Care: Emphasizing the importance of personal hygiene, good sleep routines, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

These skills are crucial for fostering independence and ensuring your child can take care of themselves as they transition into adulthood.


Why Choose Our Extended Care Program in Orange County, CA?


Located just outside the heart of Orange County, Sustain Recovery’s adolescent extended care program is dedicated to providing comprehensive care that goes beyond traditional therapy. Our holistic approach ensures that your child receives the support they need to develop into a well-rounded individual capable of overcoming life’s challenges.

If you’re a parent in Orange County, CA, seeking a program that offers more than just therapy for your adolescent, contact us today. Our dedicated team is here to support your child’s journey to recovery and help them build a brighter future.