Rehab Aftercare for Families

If someone isn’t abusing substances themselves, it may seem silly to accompany the addict to group meetings or counseling sessions. However, it’s not just the addicts themselves who are hugely affected by addiction; it’s the whole family. Family drug rehab help family units learn to work together to keep everyone sober, happy, and productive.

During family rehab, patients let go of resentment and guilt. They didn’t cause their loved one’s addiction, nor can they cure it. What they can do is educate themselves on the right steps to take and the psychological obstacles that come with tackling them.

Family Drug Rehab Programs include:

Family Orientation. You only have to do this once. During orientation a family counselor will teach you the fundamentals of family drug addiction rehab, what to expect, and the costs. You will also have to fill out a questionnaire or undergo a survey to help determine your needs.

Family Education. A typical family counseling program will involve several weeks of education and meetings, with different topics. Communication, codependency, enabling, and boundaries will certainly be covered, as will the familial nature of alcoholism and other substance addictions.

Family Rehab Parent Groups. These groups typically meet for several months. Many parents feel that only other parents can understand their situation, so these groups are popular.

Family Process Groups.  These particular groups are for conveying improvements and setbacks to licensed counselors. In times of concern, struggles, and triumphs, it’s easy to take a misstep.

Family Aftercare Program.  Aftercare is a broad term for long-term addiction treatment services. It begins while the patient is in treatment and continues for one year after discharge. It takes place in either a group setting led by trained aftercare facilitators or some other sober-minded activity, so long as it demands regular attendance.

Al-Anon meetings. Al-Anon is a 12-step program for anyone who has been affected by someone else’s addiction, whether or not they have an addiction themselves. AA helps loved ones create a more peaceful lifestyle. They’re completely free and they can be found almost anywhere.

3-Day Family Workshop At some facilities, short days-long workshops are available by appointment. They’re meant for people just emerging from rehab and are intended primarily to help transition the patient toward some of the more rigorous treatments outlined above.

Family counseling services are of great importance to us here at Sustain, since we recognize addiction is a family problem. To get started with our recovery services, give us a call at (949) 637-5499 or explore our website for more info on our programs.