Rehab Alumni Programs for Young People

Recovery Alumni Programs for Teens


Once a teen completes an addiction treatment program, they should never again feel like they’re on their own. Alumni programs for rehab graduates serve as annual reminders. After years and years of sobriety, it’s easy to forget the importance of support networks. These programs are a standard aftercare service offered by most treatment centers.


What Are We Celebrating?


You’ll often hear that rehab is just the beginning—and it’s true. However, it’s still a huge achievement. Most people don’t finish their programs, and those who do manage should be acknowledged for their achievements. Alumni programs celebrate the persistence.

What Do Alumni Programs Offer?


Alumni programs are a form of continuing care, an extension of the services received in rehab. The outside world presents a lot of new challenges: work, school, romances, drama. Both positive and negative developments can cause stress, which can then lead to relapse. When sober-minded share their experiences with each other, however, it helps them better recognize their own situations. At alumni meetings, families are usually welcome and may engage with a number of activities alongside the teenagers, including:

  • Outings, sporting events, hikes
  • Social networking activities
  • 12-step meetings
  • Community service projects

The Bigger Picture


Alumni events aren’t just about celebration. The celebration is also a reminder that all this support is still there. At its heart, these programs are about getting alumni to continue with treatment aftercare even though they feel they’ve recovered. Addiction is a sneaky illness. Alumni meetings are a great place to ask about family counselors, vocational counseling, job placement assistance, education opportunities, personal training.


Use the Tools You’re Offered


If you’re the parent of a recent rehab graduate, be sure to take advantage of these services. Transitioning to adulthood is hard enough; doing it while in recovery is something else entirely. Recovery is like walking up a down escalator: it can’t be done passively; it requires constant effort, and it’s always possible to slip…which is why you need a helping hand.

Everyone who’s graduated from rehab had to either seek or accept help from others. To get started on your recovery journey here at Sustain, give us a call at 949-637-5499